3 Ways to Invest in Real Estate on a Budget

It’s common knowledge that real estate is a long-lasting kind of investment, and arguably the safest there is, as well. And for this reason, most people want to own real estate in Nigeria.

However, a lot of people are often discouraged about investing in real estate because of the perception that one needs to be wealthy to invest in real estate or that real estate is expensive to own.

While real estate has a higher entry price compared to stocks and bonds, there are still several easy ways to begin your journey as a real estate investor without breaking the bank.

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Here are 3 ways you can invest in real estate on a budget


Co-ownership & buying property jointly

Invest in co-ownership schemes

Co-ownership is an investment scheme that standard real estate development companies usually offer. The scheme enables two or more investors to contribute funds to acquire a single property for rent or resale. 

A facility manager is assigned to manage the property and share the rental returns amongst the co-owners of the property. This investment strategy can be done with friends, colleagues, and family.

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Get a mortgage plan

A good old mortgage is a great option to consider when you have a low budget. In Nigeria, most federal institutions, and banks provide mortgage support that allows you to purchase an affordable property.


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Request for a flexible payment plan

Many notable real estate developers offer flexible payment plans on lands and rental properties to remove the pressure of one-off payments. 

When you find a suitable property, you can negotiate for a personalized, flexible payment plan and pay for the property in bits. Some real estate companies offer up to 12 months of payment plans as we do at MKH.

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Real estate investing is a great way to take up your finances and set yourself up for financial independence. At MKH we have a range of verifiable properties in prime locations and affordable payment plans that would suit your budget.

We have helped hundreds of Nigerians become real estate investors, and we can do the same for you! Let’s help you start on the right track, reach out to us here to get started.


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