7 Easy Steps Nigerian Employees Can Follow To Retire Rich

7 Easy Steps Nigerian Employees Can Follow To Retire Rich

As Nigerian employees strive tirelessly to build successful careers, the thought of a relaxing and enjoyable retirement often takes a backseat. The daily grind can be exhausting, and the dream of a comfortable retirement can seem distant. However, there’s a path that employed Nigerians can tread to turn this dream into a reality: investing in […]

Businesses You Can Start On Commercial Land In Nigeria

Businesses You Can Start On Commercial Land In Nigeria by MKH Properties Limited

As the vibrant heartbeat of Africa, Nigeria boasts boundless opportunities for growth and prosperity. Yet, amidst the bustle of urban life and the fervor of its economic landscape, there lies a prevailing oversight that is causing potential fortunes to slip through the fingers of aspiring entrepreneurs – It is commercial land.   Commercial land, the […]

Dariann Court: A New Paradigm of Luxury From MKH Properties

Dariann Court: A New Paradigm of Luxurious Living Unveiled by MKH Properties Limited

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of Dariann Court, an exquisite masterpiece crafted by MKH Properties Limited. This groundbreaking project sets a new standard for luxurious living, combining cutting-edge technology, exceptional design, and a host of amenities that redefine the meaning of comfort and convenience. From the grand unveiling event to the awe-inspiring […]

How To Avoid Hidden Fees When Buying Or Investing In Real Estate

When it comes to buying or investing in real estate, there are several factors for you to consider. One of the most important aspects is pricing. As a property buyer, you want to know exactly what you’re paying for without any hidden fees or costs. This is where all-inclusive pricing comes in. All-inclusive pricing refers to a […]

Where To Invest Money for High Returns in Nigeria

Making strategic investment decisions is crucial for individuals seeking substantial returns, especially in Nigeria’s rapidly growing economy. The real estate sector, renowned for its profitability, presents an appealing investment avenue. In this article, we introduce The Wealthy Place, a new development by MKH Properties Limited. Situated in Orofun community, opposite Lekki Worldwide Investment Ltd, and […]

Dangote Petroleum Refinery Ushers in Prosperity for The Wealthy Place

Nigeria has witnessed a historic moment as President Muhammadu Buhari officially commissioned the Dangote Petroleum Refinery in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State on May 22nd, 2023. This state-of-the-art project is set to revolutionize Nigeria’s oil industry and bring about numerous benefits to the surrounding areas. One such area that stands to gain immensely is “The Wealthy Place,” a private […]

Dariann Court: Where Elegant Architecture and Technology Converge

Are you ready to embrace a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort, security, and wellness? Look no further than Dariann Court, an exquisite collection of smart buildings designed to exceed your expectations and elevate your living experience, developed by MKH Properties Limited. Nestled within the prestigious Olive Park Estate, just off the vibrant Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos, this exclusive […]

Where is the best place to buy land in Lagos Nigeria?

It is a known fact that Lagos is one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa and is the economic capital of Nigeria. As a result, it is no surprise that real estate investment is one of the most profitable ventures in Lagos. But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to […]

MKH Investment Limited Is Now MKH Properties Limited

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially changed our name from MKH Investment Limited to MKH Properties Limited. This exciting rebranding reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation as we strive to provide the best possible service to our valued customers and partners across West Africa. This change represents a significant milestone […]

Real Estate Lessons From The Case Of Hakimi

Real estate asset protection is a critical aspect of financial planning for anyone, including athletes, celebrities, and other high-net-worth individuals. The recent viral story about Hakimi’s wife, who filed for a divorce, only to be told that her “millionaire” husband owns nothing and that all of his property is registered in his mother’s name, for […]

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