How To Maximize Technology as a Real Estate Agent

Over the past ten to fifteen years, technology has become an inevitable phenomenon that has changed the way we live and do business. Technology has brought about diverse changes in our industries that we must key into to stay relevant. As a real estate agent, learning how to maximize technology can make or mar your […]

How to Buy Property in Nigeria

Becoming a property owner is a dream shared by every Nigerian and even globally. The thought of not having to answer to a landlord or landlady is exhilarating. As such, everyone strives to have a property of their own whether for commercial or residential purposes.  Buying a property in Nigeria involves some basic steps that […]

How to Invest in Land Flipping Business in Nigeria, 2021

Real estate is a huge industry with so many opportunities for anyone who wants to invest in it. It is an industry that has progressed over the years and even despite the pandemic, it is still growing, undeterred. One of the many investment options in real estate is Land Flipping. What is Land Flipping? Land […]

What Landlords and Tenants Need to know about Tenancy Agreements in Nigeria 

When planning to rent a house, there are certain agreements that must be reached between the Landlord and the Tenant. In this article, we will be provide you with the information that would help you avoid issues that could come up whether as a landlord or a tenant. One of the most important steps when […]

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