Businesses You Can Start On Commercial Land In Nigeria

Businesses You Can Start On Commercial Land In Nigeria by MKH Properties Limited

As the vibrant heartbeat of Africa, Nigeria boasts boundless opportunities for growth and prosperity. Yet, amidst the bustle of urban life and the fervor of its economic landscape, there lies a prevailing oversight that is causing potential fortunes to slip through the fingers of aspiring entrepreneurs – It is commercial land.   Commercial land, the […]

What You Need to Know About Turnkey Property Investment

In the aspect of passive real estate investing, turnkey property investment is a popular and lucrative way of making money from real estate. Turnkey properties for sale are springing up on a daily basis and it is important to understand what the process is all about before going into it.  What Is a Turnkey Property?  […]

Why Is Real Estate a Good Investment? 

Everyone is talking about real estate and how the industry is getting bigger each year. The last five years have seen a rapid increase in companies involved in real estate development, real estate investors, property managers and management companies, real estate agents and so on. There is no doubt that the sector is booming, but […]

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investment

Real Estate is made up of many parts and forms. However, they can all be classified under two major divisions which are Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate. Both divisions of real estate have their pros and cons and the choice ultimately lies in the investor in deciding which they want to invest in.  […]

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