The Wealthy Place: The Future of Commercial Property in Lagos

What better place to situate your business than in a place that literally means WEALTH? 

The Wealthy Place is a private commercial hub where your business can thrive and prosper. It will foster growth, partnerships, and investment opportunities coupled with world-class infrastructure. 

The Wealthy Place is where great deals will be sealed, where partnerships would be made with like-minded people.

If you say the perfect location doesn’t exist, then you haven’t been to the Wealthy Place. It’s all your business needs in one place. 

Here’s why your business deserves to be in The Wealthy Place:



The Wealthy Place is a premium private commercial development by MKH Investment Limited, a  fast-rising real estate development company driven by the goal of creating sustainable real estate opportunities in Nigeria. It is focused on helping individuals and organizations get maximum returns on Real Estate. MKH’s subsidiaries spread across diverse industries including FMCG, oil and gas, construction, and facility management.

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Conceived on 450 hectares of prime land, The Wealthy Place is about a ten-minute drive from the Lekki Free Trade Zone, ideally situated on the Ibeju-Lekki Expressway for easy transportation to other parts of Lagos or the rest of Nigeria. 

It is nestled around billion-dollar developments including the largest Deep-Sea Port in West Africa, Dangote Refinery, and the proposed international airport all of which would be located in proximity to The Wealthy Place. 

This means that your business is already in a thriving environment, buying a piece of The Wealthy Place is the best step you can take to secure the future of your business.

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The Wealthy Place was built to foster mutually-beneficial relationships between business owners. It’s a place where great deals will be sealed, and where partnerships would be made with like-minded people.

It’s more than able to provide all you need for your business to thrive and prosper. 

Diverse businesses would be situated in The Wealthy Place, which means that those around would not just be neighbors but also business partners. 

It’ll be equipped with world-class amenities including a standard drainage system, and an excellent rigid road network under development with the use of the latest construction methods, perimeter fence, electricity, and standard security system, among many other infrastructures.

To secure a piece of The Wealthy Place, schedule an inspection, or for more inquiries, contact us by clicking here. We have the best payment plans to make investing in a commercial property seamless for you.


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