7 Steps to Set Up Your New Home Office Space in Nigeria

Working from home has become the new normal as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that resulted in a lockdown across the globe. The past year led to a drastic change in working styles that many are still trying to readjust to.
Maintaining best working practices from home requires having a space within the house reserved for such, this is why a home office space has become very important.

What is a home office space?

A home office space is a portion designated in your house to get official work done. This is particularly common with people who work from home as remote workers or who are self employed. Some houses are not originally built with home workspaces but individuals can convert a part of the house to a home office.

Why you need a home office space

A home office has moved from being just a luxury to a necessity. Having a home office space helps to create a distinguishing difference between your professional workspace and the rest of the house. It helps strike a balance between domestic life and work life. You can easily switch between the two without any part having to suffer neglect.

There are so many distraction points when working from home like the television or other family members if you live with them. A home office gives you the opportunity to concentrate on work to be done without distractions and also to create boundaries in order to reduce disturbance from the people living with you. This way, you increase your productivity level and find it easier to maintain discipline and professionalism while still at home.

Online meetings have become more rampant as organizations have to devise ways of communicating with their staff. You need a space within the house that is well arranged and presentable.

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Setting up an office from scratch

If you did not have a home office space before now, you can set up one that will suit your taste and be very comfortable. Here are seven basic steps and factors to consider when setting up your home office space;

Home office space

Location: Finding the perfect workspace within your house is usually not an easy task especially when you do not have enough free space. It would require your creativity as the places that seem unlikely such as a free corner in your bedroom or a portion of the living room might turn out to be great if you properly set it up.
You should consider a space that would give you privacy. You can also demarcate your home office with a makeshift board, curtain or privacy divider to get the privacy you need.

Power: You should make sure your home office is situated where there is easy access to power. There might be increased use of power in your home office location so you should consider your power needs when setting up your home office space.

Comfort: While setting up your home office space, comfort should be a priority. This is because you’ll be spending the greater part of your days there and you need to be as comfortable as possible. You need a chair and table that are comfortable and would not cause pain to your eyes, neck and spine. You should sit upright and avoid bending too much.

Lighting: Inadequate lighting can lead to health problems such as neck and shoulder pains, headaches and eye problems. You need to ensure that whatever space you choose to use in the house is well lit up with both natural and electrical light so you don’t have to strain your eyes.
Natural light helps to improve your mood, increase your alertness and reduce eye strain. You might also have to work at night so you need an office that makes provisions for that.

Ventilation: Your home office space should be properly ventilated so it is conducive for working.
In setting up your home office, try to make the items present as minimal as possible. A cluttered home office space can be very distracting. Declutter and remove every unnecessary furniture, material and so on. This helps to increase aeration and gives a sense of calmness as you work.

Equipment: You should take note of your gadgets such as your computer, laptop or any other equipment that you would be needing in your home office. They should be kept in places where they can’t be easily damaged.

Decor: If you are able to carve out a home office space that can allow painting, choose neutral colors that would be suiting and calming. You can also add design elements like plants or flower vases to give it a unique look. The scent of your home office space is also very important, an affordable air freshener can do the trick.

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Home Office Set Up Ideas

There are so many home office set up ideas for you to choose from. What is important is that you’re able to customize your home office to be an environment where you are eager to work. Your home office can be tailored fit to suit your personal needs.

You can set up your office in a way that your desk is positioned facing the window so you can get a view of the landscape from where you are sitting. This is also means easy access to fresh air. Here are some pictures of home office set up ideas you might like:

A home office space would help you achieve more from home than just leaving your work location to chance. Here at MKH, we offer an amazing range of house plans in our estates that can feature a home office or study. You can contact us here to book an inspection.

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