Planning to Relocate?; Here’s What You Need to Know

Taking the decision to relocate can be based on so many reasons. It could be due to a new job, building or buying your own house or even for renovation purposes. Whatever the reason may be, it is necessary to plan your relocation ahead of time so you are not caught unawares or miss out on important details. 

Planning your relocation helps you transition smoothly into your new place and this article will inform you of the important things you need to know about relocation. 

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Planning to relocate

What to Consider Before Moving

The number one step to relocation is actually taking the decision. While doing this, you have to consider a number of things such as your family, your career or business and so on. 

Deciding to relocate is not an easy thing but after you must have properly weighed the pros and cons of doing so, then you can have a tangible reason to stick with your decision or have a rethink.

Another thing to consider when moving to another place also is your finances. Your budget should be able to accommodate the move so you do not get stranded along the way. You should consider the cost of living at your intended new location to see if it is affordable. 

planning to relocate

Things to Do When Moving

Moving from one house or location to another is usually a tedious process. The best way to successfully do so is by planning and having a to-do list to guide you. Some things to do when relocating are;

Start packing weeks before so you are not worn out. 

Do not wait until the d-day comes before you start taking note of the things you want to move with. Avoid last minute packing so you don’t forget important things.

You should take time to figure out what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep. You can decide to throw away some, keep, sell or even donate some of them. 

Create a budget for the entire process. 

Plan towards the moving day if you have to take time off work, or get your kids away from school. You should also make plans for registering the children in a new school if you are moving to an entirely new neighborhood or a different state. 

Arrange your documents and valuables carefully.

Take time to arrange and carefully pack your documents including financial, medical, academic records so they do not get missing. Keep valuables in a safe place under your personal custody to avoid misplacing them. This could be kept in a separate box. Also arrange the boxes in such a way that the important items for immediate use are not placed in the inner part of the truck. 

Confirm with the moving company on the exact day so there is no mix up. 

Ensure the new house is already cleaned and ready for habitation so the new occupants would be able to settle in easily. 

Try to inform friends and family, close neighbors beforehand about your moving. 

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Planning for relocation

Moving Checklist

Creating a moving checklist helps keep you on track and ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. In your checklist, here are some important details to include;

  • Choose the date you will move. 
  • Create a moving budget so you can track your finances.
  • Walk through the entire house to confirm you’re not leaving behind any valuables, check the cupboards, drawers, wardrobes.
  • Make sure electrical points are well arranged and not exposed. It will be best to get an electrician to disconnect the different electrical points and uninstall the appliances.
  • Make sure all entry points are locked to prevent intruders from coming into the house. You can hand over the keys to a trusted personnel, maybe the caretaker for safe keeping. 
  • Try to properly dispose of all unwanted items and garbage. 


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Planing for relocation

Relocating to another home can be stress free if you plan for it adequately. Following the guidelines stated here would guarantee a successful relocation process. 

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