Real Estate Investment and Growth Trends in Sangotedo

Lagos is Nigeria’s major commercial city and home to many industries and companies. It is highly populated and expectedly, the issue of getting a conducive and affordable home to live in can be sometimes gruelling. 

In view of this, the real estate sector has expanded so much within Lagos. There are different land reclamation projects ongoing and so many towns are gradually becoming hot points of attraction for residential and commercial real estate investors. In this post, we would be looking at changing trends and development in Sangotedo. 

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Where is Sangotedo Located in Lagos? 

Sangotedo is located in the Eti-Osa local government of Lagos State. It is a small developing town in Ajah that is fast developing into a major commercial hub. Other prominent areas in Lagos such as Ikoyi, Victoria Island are also located within Eti-Osa local government. 

Investment in Sangotedo

Choosing to invest in Sangotedo is a very good investment decision considering the fact that it is growing to become an industrial and very profitable area. The cost of land and properties is expected to skyrocket in a short time. As such it is advisable to start early before the market gets too competitive.

The cost of living in Sangotedo is relatively affordable. Since it is a fast-developing area, many commercial sites and businesses are being established in Sangotedo and this makes it a good place to invest in. 

Development in Sangotedo

A few years back, Sangotedo was not as developed as it is now. With the high cost of accommodation in other good locations in Lagos, many investors have thought to also pitch their tent in Sangotedo. Getting a house to rent is also not so difficult due to the high influx of developers in Sangotedo.

There is high development in Sangotedo as many residential and commercial buildings are taking up space within the town. There are notable landmarks in Sangotedo such as ShopRite, different cinemas and even hotels. Many developers are still coming into Sangotedo and it would soon become just as competitive as other parts of Lagos Island.

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Sangotedo is a good place to live in or set up your business. It is a town with great potential waiting for investors willing to take advantage of it. 

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