Real Estate Trends; Epe, The New Oil Well

Epe is a budding town located on the northern part of the Lekki lagoon. The town has seen tremendous socioeconomic growth in recent years and is fast becoming a center of attraction in Lagos State. 

Is Epe a good place to live in?

Epe is a good place to live in if you’re looking for a calm environment. It is also home to different schools, offices and places you can visit for leisure. Fishing is a major occupation there and as such fishes and sea food are easily accessible there.

With the rate of development due to projects that are being carried out there, the town has seen many migrate to it including individuals and corporate bodies. It is a good place to do business as well as making real estate investments.

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Real estate trends in Epe

Is buying land in Epe a good investment?

Buying land in Epe is a good investment as the prices of land are increasing rapidly. This is due to the high appreciation rate of properties situated there. It is fast growing into an illustrious town and many real estate investors are beginning to take advantage of it. 

The Haven, one of our projects located in Epe sold out in no time due to the high profit potential there. There is also The Haven Extension which is a second phase of the project created so more of our clients can tap into the real estate investment opportunities in Epe.

Epe also has a good road network alongside it’s proximity to Lekki and this makes it all the more attractive. Investing in Epe would be a very good decision. Although you must make sure you follow due process to avoid losing your money to fraudsters.

Cost of living in Epe

Cost of living in Epe is relatively cheap. Housing is more affordable in Epe than in other parts of the island and cost of land too is not so high as compared to other places.

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Real Estate Trends in Epe

Development in Epe

Epe has been exposed to rapid development in recent times as more people and businesses are establishing their base there. This is also owing to its closeness to Lekki. 

The prominent projects being carried out within and around it are bringing great development to the town. Some of the notable places and projects include Epe Resort and Spa, Alaro Satellite City, the Lekki free trade zone, Dangote Refinery, the New Seaport and Airport and so on are certainly bringing more development to the town. 

Alaro City, real estate trends in Epe

Alaro city

Alaro city is a new integrated city located in the Ibeju-Lekki-Epe area of Lagos State. It is strategically located on the Lekki Epe expressway with easy access to other parts of the state. 

The City is a massive project carried out on 2,000 hectares of land. Several companies have moved or expanded their business to Alaro city because of the great potential it holds. The Alaro city has space for schools, homes, healthcare facilities, offices, hotels as well as parking lots.

The project is carried out by Rendeavor, Africa’s largest new city developers in partnership with the Lagos State government. 

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Epe is truly the new oil well of Lagos and is open to as many willing to take advantage of the tremendous real estate opportunities it offers. 

MKH is focused on helping individuals and organizations get maximum returns on their investments. We do this by creating valuable investment opportunities for you to take advantage of. You can contact us here for more details. 

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