Laws guiding Real Estate in Nigeria

The legal aspects of any business are too important to be ignorant about. In real estate, it is necessary to understand the laws guiding your business and your industry so you do not unknowingly falter on any of them. As the saying goes, “Ignorance is not an excuse”. This post would be educating you on […]

Planning to Relocate?; Here’s What You Need to Know

Taking the decision to relocate can be based on so many reasons. It could be due to a new job, building or buying your own house or even for renovation purposes. Whatever the reason may be, it is necessary to plan your relocation ahead of time so you are not caught unawares or miss out […]

How to Make Good Real Estate Investment Decisions

Making investments is a stepping stone to building wealth. Investments when done effectively help you increase your stream of income and also generate wealth. This is why business men and women are always looking for valuable investment opportunities to take advantage of.  Before making an investment decision, certain questions come into play such as when […]

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