The Construction Journey at Dariann Court

The construction journey at Dariann Court - Luxury Smart Houses in Lagos Nigeria

The vision of Dariann Court, our upscale real estate development in partnership with MKH Construction Limited, is rapidly becoming a reality through a meticulously planned and executed construction process. 


Located in Olive Park Estate, Sangotedo, after the Lagos Business School; a prime area just off the bustling Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos, Nigeria, Dariann Court promises a life of luxury and comfort.


Let’s take a closer look at the step-by-step construction journey at Dariann Court that is gradually bringing this dream residence to life.


Site Preparation

Every great project begins with a clean slate. At Dariann Court, this started with the demolition of existing structures that didn’t align with the project’s vision. Additionally, a borehole was drilled to ensure a sustainable water supply for the estate.


Soil Testing and Foundation Determination

The integrity of any building begins with the foundation. Soil tests were conducted to determine the most suitable foundation type. Based on these tests, a raft foundation was selected as the structural foundation, ensuring stability and longevity.


Marking and Drainage Planning

Precise planning is key to a successful project. The final floor and compound levels were marked, ensuring proper drainage slope for the entire estate. The team also considered the transition from the road into the compound, ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.


Setting Out and Base Preparation

Building locations were marked out, and the base was prepared for iron and plumbing works. Carpentry work played a crucial role in boarding up the foundation securely.


Concrete Biscuit Installation

Concrete biscuits were installed at the base of iron fittings and columns. This crucial step allows for the proper concrete cover, ensuring structural integrity of each building at Dariann Court.


Concrete Work

With meticulous attention to detail, the concrete phase commenced with the right mix ratio. Proper vibration techniques were employed during concrete placement to prevent honeycombing. Back-filling with sharp sand was done to achieve the desired level, considering a foundation wall height of 1.2 meters for all structures.


Damp Proofing and Plumbing

Moisture control is vital in any construction. Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) was laid to prevent rising moisture. Reinforcing ironworks for Damp Proof Course (DPC) concrete were installed, and plumbing works were extended to ensure the estate’s functionality.


Block Setting

The construction team initiated block setting, ensuring that each structure reached its specified level. A generous headroom of 3.4 meters was maintained, adhering to architectural drawings for partitioning individual spaces.


Carpentry and Lintel Installation 

Lintels were boarded and ironwork were installed, further strengthening the structures. Plumbing and concrete works were extended as needed to accommodate the evolving construction.


Slab Construction

The construction of suspended slabs commenced, marking a significant milestone for both terraces and fully detached structures at Dariann Court. Iron-works for subsequent slabs were prepared, and setting out for the second terrace began simultaneously.


In conclusion, the construction process at Dariann Court reflects our commitment to excellence and a dedication to turning dreams into reality. With each carefully executed step, our smart  residence is inching closer to becoming a haven of luxury living in Lagos, Nigeria. 


Stay tuned for more updates as Dariann Court continues to rise and redefine modern living standards.


Would you like to make Dariann Court your home and enjoy optimal comfort enhanced by technology? Kindly reach out to MKH Properties Limited today on 07025120073.   

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