The Green Residence by MKH Properties Limited

The average price of land for sale in Ibadan, Oyo is ₦1,500,000 per plot while the most expensive land costs ₦20,200,000 per plot… But here comes MKH Properties presenting Ibadan’s new choice nestled along the scenic Moniya-Iseyin Road in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, The Green Residence by MKH Properties Limited is a visionary project that embodies the fusion of eco-consciousness, modernity, and a vibrant community lifestyle.

Spread across 200 hectares, The Green Residence is an eco-friendly estate by MKH Properties Limited that will stand as the epitome of sustainable living in Nigeria upon its completion.


Eco-Friendly Living 

At the heart of The Green Residence’s allure is its commitment to eco-friendly living. The estate is poised to become the largest green village in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria; setting the benchmark for sustainable real estate developments. Powered entirely by green energy, this visionary project aims to reduce its carbon footprint while providing a luxurious living experience for its residents.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

Also, the allure of The Green Residence extends beyond eco-friendliness; it offers a plethora of world-class amenities. Residents will revel in the estate’s mini zoo, providing a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts. A mini farm within the premises allows for farm-to-table experiences, promoting a healthy lifestyle. For those seeking leisure, the estate boasts a golf course, ensuring recreation is just a stone’s throw away.


The Green Residence has a Prime Location

Strategically situated near prominent landmarks like the University of Ibadan, Lagos-Ibadan Train Station, and the Ibadan Inland Dry Port, residents enjoy easy access to education, transportation, and commercial hubs. The ongoing process of acquiring a Certificate of Occupancy underlines the commitment to secure and legal ownership for prospective buyers.


Top-Notch Features at The Green Residence

The estate’s array of features sets it apart as an investment opportunity. Perimeter fencing, robust security, and street lights ensure safety and peace of mind for residents. Well-planned drainage and a reliable road network enhance convenience and accessibility. Potable water and stable electricity are fundamental utilities that are guaranteed within the estate, eliminating common concerns in many areas.


Exclusive Pricing Offers


The Green Residence presents an irresistible investment opportunity with its pre-launch price tag. For a limited time until January 5th, 2024, buyers can secure a 500 sqm plot for an all-inclusive price of N700k, covering survey and deed expenses. The post-launch price stands at N750k, making the pre-launch offer a compelling chance for savvy investors.


Flexible Payment Plans


Recognizing the varying needs of potential buyers, the estate offers flexible payment plans. Whether opting for an outright payment or extending the investment over 6, 9, or 12 months, The Green Residence accommodates diverse financial preferences.


Why Choose The Green Residence?


Investing in The Green Residence transcends merely purchasing property; it’s about embracing a lifestyle rooted in sustainability, luxury, and community. The eco-friendly design, coupled with world-class amenities, not only promises a high standard of living but also fosters a healthy and vibrant community.


As the real estate landscape evolves, The Green Residence stands out as a beacon of sustainable development, offering a golden opportunity for individuals seeking a blend of conscientious living and sophisticated comforts.


In conclusion, choosing to invest in The Green Residence isn’t just a property decision; it’s an investment in a greener, more sustainable future, and a testament to a commitment to a lifestyle that harmonizes with nature without compromising on modern comforts.


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