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The Wealthy Islet

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The Wealthy Islet – Your Ultimate Beachfront Oasis for Health, Wealth, and Leisure

The Wealthy Islet is a luxury beachfront estate that guarantees residents the best living experience plus a steadily appreciating asset. It is a place for the family to come home and be together. It is the ideal place to unwind amidst endless tranquility where the sea is your playground.

Resort Living


Green Area


Recreational Centers



A Beachfront Property You’ve Always Wanted


Everything You Need Around You

Coscharis Motors

Novere Mall

Green Springs School

Corona Schools

Lakowe Lakes & Gold Resorts

The Wealthy Islet promises high returns on investment

With its Certificate of Occupancy and its strategic location opposite the Expressway, The Wealthy Place promises high returns on investment for everyone who taps into the laid down investment opportunity.

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The Wealthy Islet

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