Understanding the Real Estate Market in Ibadan 

Located in the South-Western region of Nigeria, Ibadan is the third largest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano. It is also Nigeria’s largest city by geographical area and home to many notable institutions. Some of which are the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s first University, the International institute of tropical Agriculture founded in 1967, National Root Crops Institute, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria amongst others.

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A serene and calm town with a very conducive atmosphere and weather climate, Ibadan is one of the best cities to live in. Its rich history and cultural heritage makes it a place of tourist attraction. There are so many opportunities available for its inhabitants as it has potential for economic and infrastructural development.

Is Ibadan a good place to live?

Ibadan City

It is an ideal city to live in as the cost of living in Ibadan is relatively affordable. The city boasts of good transportation systems, affordable schools and housing, easily accessible markets, towns and malls. Ibadan is strategically positioned on the railway line and this makes it a hub of major trading. Products such as cocoa, textile, rubber, palm oil and so on. If you are an entrepreneur or intend to start a trading business, then Ibadan is the best place for you as there are a variety of options to choose from.

Is Ibadan a good place for real estate investment?

A drone shoot of Ibadan

While there are other lucrative businesses in Ibadan one could thrive in such as agriculture, food production and processing, real estate holds great potential because of the high rate of development occurring in towns and neighborhoods within the city.

How to make money as a realtor in Ibadan

There are so many real estate opportunities in Ibadan that are available for anyone willing to take on them. There are lands for sale in Ibadan with a plot going for about 600,000. And you could make money from real estate as a realtor in Ibadan. What you have to do is to be registered under the appropriate agency, understand how the market works and start working as a real estate agent. You can make money from buying from or selling for Primehood Estate.

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Primehood Estate, Ibadan

Primehood Estate, Ibadan

Some of the major notable places to visit and live in Ibadan include the popular Bodija market, Oluyole GRA, Akobo, Onireke GRA, Oluyole estate and so on. There are also a variety of fast developing estates in Ibadan. At the forefront of developing estates is the Primehood Estate. Primehood Estate boasts of smooth road network, excellent drainage system, maximum security as well as stable electricity. It is safe to say Primehood is the best Estate in Ibadan.

If you are on the lookout for a profitable real estate investment opportunity in Ibadan, then you should check out Primehood Estate. It is set to be the best real estate investment you can take advantage of in Ibadan. Click here to contact us.

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