Why You Need A Real Estate Lawyer in Nigeria

When making major life decisions such as buying or selling a house, it is important to obtain expert advice and guidance on the process. Real Estate transactions usually require major funds so it is important to provide every legal requirement to ensure your funds are safe and to avoid falling into the hands of fraudulent individuals. 

While you may not be able to understand all the pros and cons involved in the legalities of real estate, professionals are available to help you deal with them. This is why hiring a real estate lawyer is important.

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Real Estate Law

Who is a Real Estate Lawyer? 

A real estate lawyer is an individual who has been trained and is licensed to practice real estate law. They have the experience, knowledge and skillset required to properly guide investors, realtors and every other key player in the real estate industry. 

A real estate lawyer helps to prepare documents that are required and necessary in carrying out real estate transactions. He also reviews documents and contracts required in the sale and purchase of a home. In a transaction, both parties can procure the services of a real estate lawyer to represent them legally. 

Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Lawyer

Some reasons to hire a real estate lawyer include:

  • Real estate lawyers help to protect you from being defrauded as there are many real estate fraud schemes that exist.
  • They ensure your documents are well vetted and complete to avoid losing your property or money in the future. 
  • You need the presence of your lawyer at the closing of the deal to serve as a legal witness and to ensure there are no mistakes. 
  • If any disputes arise in the course of any transaction the real estate lawyer will know how best to go about resolving the problem. 
  • They also conduct title searches to confirm that no one else has any financial claims on the property. This is a very important procedure that would avert serious conflict and legal implications. 

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Real estate lawyer

Benefits of A Real Estate Lawyer

The presence of a real estate lawyer in your real estate transactions is not to be underestimated. Some benefits of having a real estate lawyer include:

  • Real estate lawyers provide valuable and expert advise on how to go about a transaction. You are sure that your best interests are being represented legally.
  • They also help you scrutinize and review any documents that you have to sign or are assigned to a property or land to detect any foul play and save you from losing money. 
  • Having a lawyer gives you peace of mind as you are sure you’re in trusted hands. They can help you safeguard your investment by draftuing your contracts and also reviewing existing contracts as provided by the realtors or other individuals involved to make sure all the paperwork is done correctly. 
  • They bring experience to the table that you do not ordinarily have. This saves time and also covers every risk aspect that might negatively affect the deal. 
  • They can also help in negotiation if there are any issues with the property you’re looking to buy. If there are repairs to be made, he helps you negotiate at a lower cost. 

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Real estate lawyer

Real estate processes could be sometimes complex but having a real estate lawyer helps you deal with those complexities and close the deal successfully without any hitches.

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